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How many Ads can I run on the Vector?
You can have up to 2,000 different ads on the vector application utilising a 2GB SD card supplied
How do I use the Vector?
With the introduction of Elevate software, Vectors can run static advertising on the touchscreens, is compatible with all MyCash and MAX loyalty products including Max e-Draw.
How do I place an order or obtain an order form?
Simply get in touch with your MAX Account Manager and they will arrange everything for you.
Has video streaming and additional content been approved yet?
Currently the Vector unit can only be used as an in-venue advertising platform.
Can the speaker system be linked in with my in-house AV systems?
The Vector unit is capable of running in house sight and sound but this interface has not been developed as yet.
What will I need to co-ordinate the onscreen advertising?

The application for coordinating the Vector advertising will be run on any windows based PC connected to the MAX network.

Will I have to install a Vector unit on all my EGMs?

No. You can take as many or as few Vector units at one time as you like.
I have loyalty will I need to change that system as well?
No. The Vector works with our current loyalty card system and this will not be affected.
I have MyCash. Will I need to change that as well?
Not at all.  In fact Vectors with Elevate work brilliantly with all MyCash and MyLimit functions
How do the service buttons work and how many can I have?
The buttons are on the touchscreen, so you can have as many as you like and they can be configured to function in much the same way as your existing loyalty unit buttons.






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